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Decoding The Signs of Bad Egg Quality - A Deep Dive into Fertility

Understanding one’ s body is the first step to health & well-being . When it comes to fertility , being aware of the signs of egg quality iscrucial.

Here's the Lowdown:

Irregular Periods

It isn’t just about the calendar! If you have been experiencing unpredictable menstrual cycles. It might be a sign pointing towards Bad Egg Quality.

Repeated Mis Carriage

Heartbreaking as it is , recurrent miscarriages underlying issue with egg quality.


Though age is just a number, when it comes to fertility, it’s a wee bit more. Women above 35 often faces challenges concerning egg quality.

Low FSH Reserves & AMH values

A higher than normal FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone ) level can diminished ovarian reserve whereas AMH levels give a sneak – peek into one’s ovarian reserve.

Treatment of Bad Egg Quality

The world of medicine has made leaps and bounds . Depending on the diagnosis, treatments like IVF , ICSI & Egg donation.

Supplements & Vitamins

Here’s some food f or thought ( quite literally ) certain vitamins and supplements like Vitamin-D , and omega –3 Ftty acids can potentially improve egg quality.


While signs of bad egg quality can be distressing , remember , knowledge is power . Armed with information and with the guidance of IVF Clinic like REVIVA Fertility , you’re well on your path to understanding & optimizing your fertilty journey.

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