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Platelet Rich Plasma

It has been used alongside conventional fertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to improve egg quality , uterine lining thickness and endometrial receptivity , primarily in the treatment of recurrent implantation failure expired once multiple cycles.

What is PRP?

It is a concentrated blood product that contains high percentage of platelets. In general, whole blood is composed of 4 components:-
  • Plasma
  • Platelets
  • RBC’s
  • WBC’s
PRP Process :-
PRP Process :-

 After the collection of blood sample from patient, the sample is being processed in centrifugation machine for certain interval of time

After the completion of time separate the plasma from blood sample and again re- centrifuge for some time

Now the sample is ready to infused in women uterus.

How is PRP used for IVF and other fertility treatments?

PRP is used in a no. of fertility treatments including IUI & IVF to assist with & improve uterine lining thickness/ enhance endometrial receptivity during an embryo transfer.

PRP for Egg Quantity & Quality

It is used to encourage an improvement in egg quality, ovarian rejuvenation & response to stimulate medications.

PRP for uterine lining growth & Endometrial Receptivity

PRP may be used to improve the endometrial receptivity of uterine lining prior to an embryo transfer. This is typically done in 48 hours prior to the anticipated embryo transfer.

During the procedure, approximately 1-3 ml is infused in the uterus using an IUI catheter.

The patient will rests for 30 minutes & is subsequently discharged for a normal daily activity.

If the infusions are intended for lining development (usually for someone with a history of failing to develop an adequate uterine lining).

The first PRP infusion would be done at the initial lining check and then repeated after 72 hrs later and if the lining remains inadequate.

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