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Reviva Infertility provides surrogacy services to needy couple through ART Bank. Surrogacy is when a woman agrees to carry a baby for a couple who are incapable to conceive due to infertility problems. The woman who carries the baby called as surrogate mother. After the birth of the baby, the intended parents become the legal parents. We offer Surrogacy in Chandigarh and Punjab (Surrogacy Punjab)

To begin with the gestational surrogate is screened for all the infectious diseases. The blood work for all STDs is done in the surrogate partner also. She should be psychologically and physically fit.

Other criteria to be fulfilled are:

  • Surrogate should be older than 25 years and preferably less than 35 yrs.
  • She must have born at least one child of her own.
  • She should not have any history of significant medical, surgical or pregnancy related illness.

Thereafter detailed counselling of the intended parents and the surrogate with the spouse is carried out with the ART Specialist and Attorney of Art bank, regarding all the legal and the medical aspects. Then matching of the cycle of the genetic mother with the surrogate is done and rest of the procedure is same as in IVF/ICSI. The resulting Embryos are then transferred in the surrogate.

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