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Blastocyst Transfer in IVF

Multiple pregnancies are the most common issue that arises during fertility treatment. Although it is a good thing for some couples who want more than one baby, for others, it is a matter of concern. However, Blastocyst Transfer is the best option for avoiding multiple pregnancies.

At Reviva IVF, the team of experts and embryologist are offering the best-in-class Blastocyst Transfer treatment for females, especially older females, to overcome fertility and improves the success rate of IVF.


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FAQs - Blastocyst Transfer in IVF

This is a process in the IVF programme when embryos are grown for 5-6 days post-fertilization in the IVF lab and then transferred to the uterus at this advanced stage. These blastocysts have better potential to implant.

There are two benefits of blastocyst embryo transfer: firstly, we can select the best among the herd. Many developmentally abnormal embryos stop growing at the 6-8 cells stage. So what all survive till day 5-6 are the best.

Secondly, this embryo transfer procedure reduces the chances of multiple pregnancies. We can go for a single or maximum of two embryo transfers.

No blastocyst culture is not an option for all cases. The technique can be done in those IVF cases where we have a large number of good quality oocytes at retrieval.
  • Effective Timing
  • Reduced Risk Of Multiple Births

The entire process of blastocyst transfer is categorized into six steps:

  • Egg Collection
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Development
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Pregnancy
  • Follow-Ups

For couples who have had previous unsuccessful attempts with ICSI, blastocyst culture is now being offered as an alternative. If you are searching for the best blastocyst transfer clinic in Chandigarh, India, contact us today at 9915004407.

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