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ICSI Treatment For Male fertility

fertility is not only associated with the female. There is also male fertility which restricts a couple from starting their family. But, with the invention of ICSI treatment, the chances of treating this health issue have become easier than ever.

This technique proves to be the biggest boon for male factor fertility. At Reviva IVF, we feel honored to make your dream of having your own child a reality by achieving tremendous success in combating male fertility.


Our mission at Reviva fertility and IVF clinic is to help infertile patients to become
parents by providing them the exact fertility treatment program with highest success rates.


Our vision is to strive for excellence in
Assisted Reproductive Technologies by giving extraordinary results to the fertility patients.


If REVIVA were an acronym, it would stand for the subsequent values that are profound in our work

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FAQs - ICSI Fertility Treatment

ICSI is an assisted reproductive technology in which sperm is injected directly into the egg, therefore also known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It uses specialized micromanipulation tools and equipments.
All steps for stimulation of ovaries and egg retrieval procedure are the same as IVF. After the granulosa cells have been stripped away from the oocyte with enzymatic action, the oocyte is held in place by a holding pipette. A single selected sperm is first immobilized and then drawn into the pipette carrying sperm pierces the oocyte wall and sperm injected directly into the ooplasm. The morning after insemination, the eggs are examined to determine whether fertilization has occurred.

ICSI is a male infertility treatment whose indications are :

  • Oligospermia – Less than 5 million sperms/ml
  • Asthenospermia – less than 5% progressive motility
  • Teratospermia – less than 4 % normal form
  • When using surgically retrieved sperms
  • Previous failed fertilization with IVF
  • Low yield of eggs at egg retrieval

Prenatal outcome studies suggest that there is no evidence of increased risk of congenital malformation in babies born of IVF/ICSI.

Though the same ovulation drugs are used in normal ovulation women, it is known as controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.

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