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IUI fertility Treatment

IUI is a type of artificial Insemination procedure used to treat several fertility problems in males as well as females.

At Reviva, we exclusively perform intrauterine insemination (IUI) because this process of injecting concentrated sperm directly into the uterus has a higher conception success rate than other types of artificial insemination. When you choose Reviva, you can be sure that we will diagnose the cause of fertility before we start any treatment and may also recommend other more suitable alternatives that may help you to conceive.


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FAQs - Artificial Insemination (IUI)

IUI, also known as intrauterine insemination, is an fertility treatment where a washed sample of semen is placed directly into the uterine cavity at the time of follicle rupture.

It is a common fertility treatment and usually the first infertility procedure the couple will seek.

The main causes where we advise IUI are:-

  • Ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • Male subfertility.
  • Unexplained infertility.
  • Anatomical defects.
  • Cervical factors.

The female partner is usually given medications used for ovulation induction. This definitely increases the success rate of IUI. Insemination timing is very crucial. It should coincide with ovulation, i.e., the release of eggs.

The semen sample is given to the husband by masturbation. This can be collected at home in a sterile container (If you live within the vicinity of the clinic) or in the clinic’s semen collection room.

All the samples and disposables are appropriately labeled.

The semen sample is then processed in the IUI lab. In the process of semen washing or process, we use various Media and methods to separate motile sperm from other components of semen.

  • Double Density Technique Here, active sperms are collected after filtering the semen through various density gradients.
  • Swim-up Technique After removing the seminal plasma, active sperm are allowed to swim up to the culture medium with their own inherent motility.

According to WHO criteria, Anovulation is classified as:-

  • Group 1:  Hypothalamic pituitary failure. These may be related to stress, weight loss, or anorexia nervosa.
  • Group 2: Hypothalamic pituitary dysfunction. These are women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
  • Group 3: Ovarian failure.
  • Group 4: Hyperprolactinemia Anovulation.

It is a common misconception that IUI and IVF are the same because the end goal is the same – to become a parent. However, there is quite some difference between the two procedures.

  • IUI: This is usually a single cycle process that involves artificial insemination. This means that the sperm is introduced artificially into the uterus.
  • IVF: When compared to IUI, IVF is slightly more complicated because the sperm fertilizes the egg outside the body – in a test tube. Once the fertilization occurs, and the embryo is formed, it is transferred into the uterus. This step is called implantation
  • The success rate of IVF is usually higher (50% as compared to IUI), but IVF is also more expensive.

Doctors recommend IUI before IVF if any of the following holds true:

  • Normal ovulation: IUI is impossible if the egg production is low or weak. This is why normal ovulation is a strong criterion for IUI.
  • Male infertility (mild): If you are unable to conceive due to mild male fertility problems such as difficulty during ejaculation or low sperm count, IUI is a better option.
  • Open fallopian tubes: You can undergo IUI before IVF if the fallopian tubes are open (as determined by an HSG test).
  • Cervical mucus: This mucus makes normal conception difficult. Thankfully, it causes no hindrance in IUI. Hence, if infertility is due to unfavorable cervical mucus, it can be solved by IUI.
  • Sperm donor: If you need a sperm donor because the male partner is unable to provide viable sperm while the female is perfectly healthy, doctors recommend IUI instead of IVF.

IUI is recommended only for specific conditions. In other conditions, it is a waste of money. These conditions are:

  • Abnormal ovulation
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Egg donor requirement
  • Genetic disorders
  • Endometriosis
  • If the female partner is more than 35 years old
  • If you have any of these conditions, IUI is not the right route for you.

If done properly and the patient is relaxed, then IUI is just like a routine gynae examination.

At Reviva, we make you rest at the IUI table for a few minutes, but according to various studies, the time of rest has no relation with the success rate of IUI.

The sample is placed directly into the uterine cavity, and It will not flow out even if you stand immediately after IUI.

The success rate of IUI is approximately 10-15%. It may be slightly more in certain groups with favorable factors. Various factors which may affect the success rate are:-

The age of females is most important; the success rate decreases after 35 years and falls dramatically after 40 years.

Ovarian stimulation with injectable (Gonadotrophins) results in slightly higher pregnancy rates as compared to the natural cycle.

No precautions regarding food or activity are required after IUI.
On average, we try 4 IUI cycles before moving to IVF. If the female partner is over 40 years old and the ovarian reserve is low, or if there are other factors contributing to infertility, then IVF is recommended much earlier.

Best results are obtained when the number of motile sperms in semen is above the threshold of approximately 10 million.

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